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22th March, we had our 4th meeting with Ssong and Inga in Inga&Olha’s house.  this was a my first time visited her house . she cooked borshch, and me and Ssong cooked 불고기 볶음밥 and 된장찌개(doenjang jigae), which  is general sub-meal in Korea. especially doenjang jigae is sold every restaurant in Korean street. doenjang (된장)is one of representative  ‘jjang’ in Korea made by beans.

Doenjangwithbeans  doenjang (된장)

we put a word jjang(장) which are made by same method such as 고추장, 간장..etc. this is made by fermenting method.(you can easily imagine, if you imagine yogurt)  so in traditional house they have a lot of jangdokdae(장독대), pot making jang for long time. and general food culture is eating rice with 5 or 7 sub-meals. so sometimes sub-meal is a little bit salty, since it is for eating with rice.

images IMG_5954

IMG_1401bulgogi (불고기)

DOENJANG-JIGAEdoenjjang jigae(된장찌개)

< image by google seaching>

empty bowls show how it was delicious! 🙂 received_78874935456600820150322_184208cooking Olha *-*


3 thoughts on “Cooking together!

    1. happy to hear it! and ‘jigae’ means kind of soup with rice.
      so if you go Korea, in menu you have many option of jigae(찌개)
      – 고추장 찌개 gochujang jigae
      – 김치 찌개 kimchi jigae
      – 된장 지개 doenjang jigae
      – 순두부 찌개.. soontopue jigae!
      my favorite is always kimchi jigae haha

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