5th meeting: teaching Finnish~



On the 5th meeting I was teaching Yoon Soo Finnish language. We met at Pella’s cafe and first drank some hot chocolate, because the weather was so cold and rainy T.T

I taught her verbs asua – to live, matkustaa – to travel, mennä – to go and olla – to be. We conjugated them in persons ( minä, sinä, hän, me, te, he). Also we made some simple sentences with these verbs. Some nouns required special case conjugation: Innessiivi – ssa/ssä and Illatiivi – vowel+n/lle/hin. For example:

Minä asun Etelä-Koreassa. – I live in South Korea. (requires Innessiivi ending – “inside the country”).
Minä matkustan Espanjaan.  – I travel to Europe. (requires Illatiivi ending – “the direction to some place”).

I tought Yoon Soo some nouns as well:

ystävä/kaveri – friend, asunto – house, paikka – place, opiskelija – student, äiti – mother,  koulu – school, ravintola – restaurant, klubi – club, työ – work, kuntosali – gym, poika – boy.

and also seasons:
kesä (summer) – kesällä (in summer)
syksy (autumn) – syksyllä (in autumn)
talvi (winter) – talvella (in winter)
kevät (spring) – keväällä (in spring).

We made some sentences with them:
Nyt on kevät. – Now it is spring.
Talvella tulin Tamperelle. – I came to Tampere in winter.
Kesällä matkustan Europaan. – In summer I am travelling to Europe.
Kesällä tulen takaisin Etelä-Koreaan. – In summer I am coming back to South Korea.

Yoon Soo asked me to teach her how to ask the bus driver to stop if the stop button is not working, what happened with her earlier. So in Finnish it is “Pysähdy täällä, ole hyvä!”.

I really liked teaching Yoon Soo Finnish. She was a bit tired at the end, but I hope it was not too much and hard. Next time it will be a Korean language class.

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  1. I already forgot a lot..I’ll repeat it when I wrote down this essay.
    “Avaa ovet, kiitos…….”

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