6th meeting: 한국에서 어디 가요?

This time Yoon Soo taught me Korean again. We already learned how to ask the direction, so I wanted to learn the names of places. Some of them I knew already, some were totally new:
카페- cafe , 식당 – restaurant, 병원 – hospital, 약국 – pharmacy, 경찰소 – police station, 소방소 – fire station, 버스 정류장 – bus station, 기차역 – train station, 공항 – airport, 노래방 – karaoke room, 찜질방 – sauna, 술칩 – bar/pub – any place where you can drink alcohol, 가게 – shop, store (웃가게 – clothes store, 빵가게 – bread shop, 신발가게 – shoes store, 화장품가게 – cosmetics store), 슈퍼 – supermarket, 시장 – street market (like 종로 in Seoul), 편의점- 24h shop/kioski, 영회관 – cinema, 공연장 – theatre.

images 나는 내 년에 한국에 가요. 노래방에 같이 가자!

We were practicing questions and answers with this words and direction words. Also Yoon Soo taught me some other phrases, like:
– 저 이번 역에서 내려요. – Now I go out at the station.
– 저도 잘 모르겠어요. – I also don’t know well.
– 불 편해? – Are you uncomfortable?
– 자전거 탈래? – Do you want to ride a bicycle?,
and a lot of other useful words.

At the end I practiced the pronunciation of Korean sounds, which are easy to mix for me, but I am getting better!
consonants ㅃ-ㅂ-ㅍ; ㅉ-ㅈ-ㅊ; ㄸ-ㄷ-ㅌ; ㄲ-ㄱ-ㅋ, and vowels ㅓ,ㅗ,ㅜ.

It was a very informative lesson, I have learned so much.

고맙습니다, 윤수선생님!


2 thoughts on “6th meeting: 한국에서 어디 가요?

  1. You are welcome ! 🙂
    I wanna collect one expression
    *편해? – are you comfortable?
    *불편해?- are you uncomfortable?

    ‘불’this prefix is for negative one.

    for example, 친절한 – kind, 불친절한- unkind
    불쾌한 – unpleasant,
    공평한- fair, 불공평한-unfair

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