Each One Teach One #3

Hi Everyone!


This time has been different because Beatrice and I went outside.

Beatrice taught me the different ways to greet, depending of the situation, of the time of the day and of the person.

Friends People unknown but same age Formal form
Hi Ciao Ciao Salve
Bye Ciao Ciao Arrivederci
Morning (Ă  1 or 2) X X Buongiorno
Have a good day X X Buona giornatia
Evening X X Buonasera
Have a good evening X X Buona serata
Good night Buonanotte X X

To practise, Bea showed me people on the street, and I had to tell her how I should salute them. We also started to work on “Giving Direction” but we will finish it a next time.


When we came back home, I taught to Bea the nouns and adjectives accords. She knew most of them already, but she will be interrogated on them and I think she needed it! 🙂

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