#6 – Spanish Food

Yesterday Luis, me and some other Spanish friends from my student housing were cooking together a traditional Spanish meal. We cooked “Tortilla española” and “Croquetas”. Croquetas are some kind of croquettes but without potatoes and much more liquide inside. Luis taught me the different Spanish names for the ingredients.


Some of the ingredients for the meal: potatoes = patatas, eggs = huevos, onion = cebolla, flour = harina, ham = jamon

11160228_820704664644709_636869732_nLuis cooking the dough for the Croquetas 🙂 Muy bien!

11137072_820704641311378_2113245082_n  Esto sabe muy rico! This is very tasty!

11116210_820704654644710_1058146316_n And also the Tortilla española was muy bien!

All in all again a very funny evening with my Spanish mate! Thanks for that Luis!

¡Hasta luego!


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