2nd Second Lesson : First Spainish Lesson

Mariona is a good teacher for me. This days I learned Spanish.

She taught me, How to pronounce Spanish. Spanish  only has 5 vowels a,e,i,o,u which have sound that never changed. So, She said reading Spanish is really easy. I learned how to count in Spanish way but counting system of spanish is quit hard for me. It is little bit confusing. I learned  little bit greeting sentence as well. For example, How are you is como estas in Spainsh.

I  taught Mariona how to write Korean alphabet ans how to combine it. Korean Alphabet is completely different with English and the other. So, I know it is quit hard to memorize and use it. However, Mariona do very well. Firstly, she was confused how to combine it but finally she can combine easy word.


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