4th Meeting : 2nd Spanish Lesson.

This is the second meeting with Mariona to learn Spanish.

We met in city library. It was nice place to study.

On 4th Meeting , Mariona taught me common greeting word.

We started from How are you.

How are you = Como estas                                     Fine = Bien

Nice to meet you = Encantado de concerte. (but if you are girl, you should say Encantada)

it is quit weird to me. Because Korean doesn’t use different ending and English as well.

Moreover, I learned many different greeting from Mariona. She is nice teacher for me. After Spanish lesson she told about Barcelona. She told about many different traditional food in Barcelona and recommended to eat those things if I come to Barcelona one day. She told me her grand mother cooked Paella for her very often so she can cook meat paella as well. We will cook paella one day. I’m really looking forward that day !





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