5th Meeting : Finland Tampere Comic Festival.

Last week Essi told us that there is Comic Festival in Tampere near the Finlayson.  So, Mariona and I decided to go comic festival. We are interesting in festival at Finland.

We met Essi in the comic festival. She made her own character and she has own book. It was really nice.  Also she introduce Tampere Comic Festival.  We looked around comic festival together.

Comic festival is smaller than I expected before.  In Korea, they also have comic festival but it is quit bigger than Finland. Maybe it’s because Tampere is little bit small city than my city.  In Finland comic festival they sold their own stuff which they draw and made. It is nice! I bought one owl sticker in comic festival. It was so cute!

I think there is big difference between Finland comic festival and Korean comic festival.  In Korea, many people made book or comic  story which is not happened in real story. For example,  We imagine the story if  something is happened which is not happened in the story or someone is there who is not existed in the story. Then, they made their own story like parody.

However, in Finland they made their own story and own character which is not exist before. It’s completely different with parody. More like real writer.

After visiting comic festival, Mariona and I told about comic festival in each country with eating lunch. Also, we told about American comic festival so called Comicon. We really want to go there. It is really famous festival and many actor and actress come to there and they play their charactor. I hope one day we can meet together and go there.


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