#7 Speaking skills

Today Victoria and me met in a little café in the city center. We tried to improve each other’s speaking skills, so I told Victoria how my days in St. Petersburg were like in Russian. During my days in SPB I talked some Russian already to the people, for example to ask for the train or for the bus, and I got the feeling that my speaking skills are not as bad as I believe all the time. The people understood me quite well, even though I have a strong German accent, but that encouraged me to talk more in Russian to Victoria, because she can give me advise how to improve and can correct my errors.

Then we talked in German some time about the different school/university systems and in general about our studies. Victoria is already quite good in talking German and I could hear that her pronunciation also improved. It is kind of funny to hear how the non-native speakers are struggling with the German ‘R’ oder ‘Z’ sound, because we do not see any difficulty in those sounds. Probably it is the same for them with the Russian ‘R’. I was really glad to hear that she improved her pronunciation, because I could see that EOTO really helps people to improve in a language.

I am really looking forward to our next meeting!

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