On out 7th meeting, we decided to focus on speaking. Caroline was in Saint-Petersburg for a couple of days and she told me in detail about her visit in Russian. I was quite impressed to hear that she spoke only Russian there and she managed really well! Her pronunciation now is at the very good level so i think we shall continue practicing speaking skills, so that she can be fluent very soon. I was really happy to hear that she liked the city so much  and she wants to go there again in the future. I hope we can meet up in Saint-P some day and i can show her all nice places.

After that i practiced with Caroline my German speaking and i think i am slightly better than i was in the beginning. I just started to learn German in January so i think if i continue this way, i can speak quite well in a couple of years. We also discussed about education systems in our home countries and we found several similarities, which is really good. If i am going to Germany on exchange it will not be very hard to get used to a new system 😀

Looking forward to our next meeting!

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