It’s all about the food

Our sixth meeting was 1.4. and as we had planned last time, the theme was food. I had prepared my part of the meeting well and bought some Finnish food products. This meeting’s menu was: Karelian pasties, salmiakki, Fazer blue, Pätkis, hopea toffee and vispipuuro. I was a bit dissappointed that I couldn’t find a small package of mämmi (traditonal Finnish Easter food).

While Ruihai showed me some Chinese food programmes on Youtube we tasted my Finnish foods. I was very proud that he tried all of them!

Learned from this meeting: Chinese people eat mostly Dumplings and noodles! Or at least that wat it seemed to my eye! But honestly, Chinese food looks so good and the diversity of food is so huge that I would eat it any time.

I can highly recommend everyone to watch the food programmes we watched on Youtube! Just search by A Bite of China!

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