#8 Each One – Teach One

Since the end is coming closer, not only of the EOTO meetings, but also of our time here in Tampere, (or better said: my time here in Tampere), we decided to keep it cool and enjoy. Today we met in the city centre and went to the Näsinneula Observation Tower. The walk there was nice, the sun shone and it felt like spring – finally. When passing things, we both said them in our own language: (Since we did not write them down, I do not guarantee correct writing!)


Bibliothek – library – biblioteca

Kirche – church – iglesia

Hafen – habour – puerto

Schiff – ship – barco

Leute – people – gente

Bus – bus – autobús

Sonne – sun – sol

Himmel – sky – cielo

Wolke – cloud – nube


The view from the tower was amazing, I have been up there for the 3rd time already and I still enjoy the view. From up there I showed him were I live and he also tried to find his place. We sat at a window and just talked about our countries, things we like and friends… It was a great afternoon!

2015-04-17 16.46.32

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