8th meeting: Homemade Pizza!

The last time that we went to make Pulla in Essi’s house was fantastic! So we decided to go another day to make one of our favourites foods Pizza and also learn Korean and Finnish.

Firth, we made the pizza base, and as we had to wait around 1 hour until the base double in size, we started our learning.

First, as always, Essi printed to us different names of places in Finnish and how to ask where we can find these places. At the same time that Essi explained to us the name in Finnish of the words, Haley and Yeaeun said us the Korean names.

Some words that we lean are:

Finnish English Korea
Koulu School 학교
Koti Home
Kauppa Store 가게
Kirjasto Library 도서관
Ravintola Restaurant 식당
Juna Train 기차
Kahvila Café 커피
Lentoasema Airport 공항
Museo Museum 박물관
Poliisi Police 경찰

Also we learn how to ask for some places like Missä on___? (Where is___?) For example; Missä on Kahvila? (where is the Café?).

Once we finish was time to prepare the pizza, we started to prepared all the topics of our pizza like the tomato sauce, meat, vegetables, etc. We prepared two big pizza bases and then each one prepared their slice pizza, as they wanted.

IMG_1136 IMG_1142 IMG_1150 IMG_1159

When the pizza was ready was time to baking. And 20 min after the pizza was ready to eat!   After we ate the Pizza Essi gave us a traditional Finnish easter dessert called Mämmi, They use to put sweet cream in it , but our Mämmi had the Vanilla cream incorporated, so We didn’t need to put anything else.


Essi said that this food or you love it or you hate it, for me was the second choice… but I ate one traditional Finnish dessert and was a nice experience!


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