9th meeting: Korean food and homemade cake!

Haley, Yeaeun Essi and I decided to make a traditional Korean Food together. We made Bulgogi which is sweet tasty pork with onions and mushrooms and Dak bukumtang which is made of chicken and it has spicy tasty, at the beginning I was a little bit scared about the spicy food, because I hear that the Korean food is really spicy, but at the end I could eat it perfectly!

Haley and Yeaeun bought all the ingredients before our meeting and once we arrived to Essis’s house we started to cook together. Essi bought a rice cooker when she went to Japan two years ago with her family, so the rice was perfectly cooked in the rice cooker automatically.

First, we started with the Dak bukumtang, because need more time to be ready, Yeaeun explain us how to make this Korean chicken spacy soup and we helped her to do it. Once the soup was in the pot, we started the Bulgogi, Haley explain us how to prepared this dish.

Once we finished to cook was time to eat! We prepared a rice bowl for each one and we ate those delicious foods. As I said before, the Dak bukumtang was spacy, but with the rice Essi and I could eat well.


After finished our meals we started baking a homemade chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. When the cake was in the oven, than needed more than 45 minutes to be done, we decided to go to the lake near Essi’s house to walk and enjoy the nature of Finland. The weather was really nice, was a sunny day!

IMG_1254 11185647_828142130609532_1425895613_n

Finally, we came back when the cake was ready, so we finished to make it, preparing the vanilla frosting and then was time to eat our delicious homemade cake, we ate all the cake!


Was one of our last meetings, I’m going to miss my each one teach one members and our meetings!

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