3 forms of Sound in Korean; 6th meeting

2nd April 6th meeting with Olha 🙂

I taught how can she say places in Korea. and what is expression to ask direction.

and practice some pronounce which are difficult to distinguish to foreigner.

In consonants, we distinguish as basic form(예사소리) such as ㄱ(g),ㄷ(d),ㅂ(b),ㅈ(z) and strong-sound and fortis. Basic forms are transformed to two forms, 거센-소리 and 된-소리. 소리 means sound, so 거센-소리(ㅋ(k),ㅌ(t),ㅍ(p),ㅊ(ch)) is strong-sound and 된-소리(ㄲ,ㄸ,ㅃ,ㅉ) is a fortis.  Adding one more ㄴ(n), ㄹ(r), ㅁ(m), ㅇ sounds are told 울림-소리(ringing sound). These difference make a word having different meaning even they have same vowels.

  1. 공 – 콩 – 꽁

공 ; a ball

콩 ; a bean

꽁 ; 꽁하다 (as a verb, having small mind)

  1. 자 – 차 – 짜

자; ruler

차; tea

짜; 짜다. ( to be salty)

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