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#9 Each One – Teach One

Since my parents are coming to visit me tomorrow, I had a meeting with Luis today. After my Finnish exam and before my final and last accounting class we met in the TAMKO office to have a coffee. It was quite busy and apart from each other, we were also talking to others.

Today we were basically talking about our time at TAMK and especially in Finland. I am leaving next Wednesday and Luis is heading back home for a nice and long summer vacation on the 17th of May. When talking about the courses we have taken and the people and teacher we have met, I quickly switched back to my home university in Holland. I told him about a good friend of mine (he is German as well) and after his graduation he went to Brazil for one year. He did not know the language at all, but is very gifted when learning a new language (for instance at school he learned Russian!). He came back and his Portuguese was nearly perfect (sometimes even better than his English). Since his study program forced him to take to additional languages he chose for Chinese and Spanish. As we all know they are quite similar but you still have to learn. My Spanish teacher back there is a native speaker and very nice. Whenever we had oral presentations, he mixed up many words with Portuguese, but she was rather laughing about this. Luis quickly went on and said that they obviously are similar, but some words are different and the pronunciation is also completely different. But he said that Brazilian Portuguese is quite nice and easy to understand since they pronounce everything pretty clearly. He also told a story when three people (one Chinese, one Spanish and one Portuguese) met and everyone was talking in their mother language and they still understood each other. The first day Luis was just standing next to them, eyes wide open. The next day he also understood parts. It is funny how languages are related. At the end we were just explaining some words of things that surrounded us:

Kaffee – coffee – café

Leute – people – gente

Tee – tea – té

Buero – office – oficina

Milch – milk – leche

Zucker – sugar – azúcar

Tasse – cup – taza

Sofa – couch – sofa

Kueche – kitchen – cocina

Hola amigos

So now we’re back in the business. And I’m trying my best to give some time to Spanish studies! Luckily I’ve got a professional Spanish teacher! And to be honest knowing French really helps. A lot. Some of the words are very similar or even identical except for the pronunciation. So for me written language is more understandable than spoken language. Luckily Zsofia speaks very slowly so it’s easy to pick up the words from her sentences.

I’m still having hard time to notice the accents and to remember the right pronunciation at the right place. But I’m getting there: slowly but surely 🙂

Coffee and cats

Once again set up a lunch date with Zsofia, my hungarian eoto-partner. It was a friday afternoon and we didn’t have class that day so Zsofia invited me to her place to have dessert (meaning coffee) and to see her lovely cats. I was quite not in the mood for speaking spanish so we practiced finnish and I think Zsofia learned a new word from me, “mielenosoitus” was it? It means manifestation. We had some discussions about JeSuisCharlie if I recall it right.. Anyway the cats were adorable once again. I wish I had one too..


Fi – Ger | Eighth Meeting

At the end of march we went to the Dog Café. Other than I expected there weren’t any dogs. Exept the one who belongs to waitress and the one who belongs to some guests. But of course you can buy some dog food and dog toys.

After we ate a very nice waffle we studied some German. Susanna brought along her study book from school and we learned articles and grammar rules. Because the book was in both languages I studied also some Finnish Verbs. We also found some mistakes in the book which i corrected.



Today we had quite small meeting in the library. Tinja was speaking Finnish to me and I tried to understand and answer basic questions. It was very nice. Then we did some quizzes online about Finnish, well they were not perfect, but I am satisfied with results.
скачанные файлы


On Saturday we watched the movie in English (John Wick) with Finnish subtitles, I was trying to read them and analyse with English speech. It was quite difficult, but very useful, I liked it. Even though for me it was a interesting, why if people in the movie say the same phrase in English few times, there are different Finnish subtitles for each time …? 🙂

Then we repeated some topics in Russian, like numbers, professions, some verbs, Tinja remembers a lot I would say, which makes me feel that I am a good teacher 🙂

#8 Ice Cream

This time Victoria and me went to Koskikeskus for an ice cream instead for coffee. As she is writing her German exam tomorrow, we just went through the topics she will have to work on in her exam, the German ‘Dativ’ and ‘Akkusativ’. At first she was asking questions I did not know how to answer, because I studied the rules of Dativ and Akkusativ really a long time ago and just knew the basic things, as I am used to use it in everyday life. But after some time I got where she had problems and I hope I could answer Victoria’s questions properly. In my view it is really hard to explain something you just know because you are used to it and not because you studied it. And for Dativ and Akkusativ that is especially difficult because those cases are very similar and you really have to watch out which case is what type.

As we did not do too much Russian this time, except of a little bit of talking, Victoria will bring her friend from St. Petersburg next week, who is visiting her for some time. When she will accompany the meeting, I will be forced to talk Russian all the time and without some English words, because she does not speak English very will. I am really curious about that meeting.

Fi – Ger | Seventh Meeting

One Week later we met each other at my place to cook something with my house mates. Susanne helped me to prepare some German maindish. The dessert I already prepared earlier. Because the cake needs to get cold in the fridge for some hours. It was a chocolate cake with biscuits. It is called “Kalter Hund” and is an famous sweet for children’s birthday parties.

For main dish I decided to make potatos with curd cheed, herbs and onions. It is a nice dish for summer time when it is hot outside and you don’t want to eat that much. We had a lot of fun while we were cooking. Susanna has never been before at Lapinkaari – and it is always a challange to cook nice food in such small rooms and special kitchens.

During our international dinner with my friends we were talking a lot about differents between Finnish milk, butter and curd chees. Now I know the red milk is the fresh one and dark blue has more fat content then milk which is light blue.

Thanks to all of you for the nice evening. By the way – I didn’t take pictures, sorry

8th meeting: Homemade Pizza!

The last time that we went to make Pulla in Essi’s house was fantastic! So we decided to go another day to make one of our favourites foods Pizza and also learn Korean and Finnish.

Firth, we made the pizza base, and as we had to wait around 1 hour until the base double in size, we started our learning.

First, as always, Essi printed to us different names of places in Finnish and how to ask where we can find these places. At the same time that Essi explained to us the name in Finnish of the words, Haley and Yeaeun said us the Korean names.

Some words that we lean are:

Finnish English Korea
Koulu School 학교
Koti Home
Kauppa Store 가게
Kirjasto Library 도서관
Ravintola Restaurant 식당
Juna Train 기차
Kahvila Café 커피
Lentoasema Airport 공항
Museo Museum 박물관
Poliisi Police 경찰

Also we learn how to ask for some places like Missä on___? (Where is___?) For example; Missä on Kahvila? (where is the Café?).

Once we finish was time to prepare the pizza, we started to prepared all the topics of our pizza like the tomato sauce, meat, vegetables, etc. We prepared two big pizza bases and then each one prepared their slice pizza, as they wanted.

IMG_1136 IMG_1142 IMG_1150 IMG_1159

When the pizza was ready was time to baking. And 20 min after the pizza was ready to eat!   After we ate the Pizza Essi gave us a traditional Finnish easter dessert called Mämmi, They use to put sweet cream in it , but our Mämmi had the Vanilla cream incorporated, so We didn’t need to put anything else.


Essi said that this food or you love it or you hate it, for me was the second choice… but I ate one traditional Finnish dessert and was a nice experience!


#8 Each One – Teach One

Since the end is coming closer, not only of the EOTO meetings, but also of our time here in Tampere, (or better said: my time here in Tampere), we decided to keep it cool and enjoy. Today we met in the city centre and went to the Näsinneula Observation Tower. The walk there was nice, the sun shone and it felt like spring – finally. When passing things, we both said them in our own language: (Since we did not write them down, I do not guarantee correct writing!)


Bibliothek – library – biblioteca

Kirche – church – iglesia

Hafen – habour – puerto

Schiff – ship – barco

Leute – people – gente

Bus – bus – autobús

Sonne – sun – sol

Himmel – sky – cielo

Wolke – cloud – nube


The view from the tower was amazing, I have been up there for the 3rd time already and I still enjoy the view. From up there I showed him were I live and he also tried to find his place. We sat at a window and just talked about our countries, things we like and friends… It was a great afternoon!

2015-04-17 16.46.32