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#10 Final meeting and Finnish baseball

It was time for our last meeting with Sean. We decided to put Sean’s Finnish skills to use, and go to a couple different places where he could practice his Finnish in real life situations. While spending the day together Sean taught me more about Californian culture and their way of life. I also sent him one more paper I wrote for school, and he will email it back to me with corrections and suggestions for more advanced use of language, but due to Sean’s schedules I couldn’t get it back just yet.

First, we decided to go for a cup of coffee, and I made Sean to order completely in Finnish. He managed to do it very well. Clearly he has learned something! While enjoying our coffees we talked about some school stuff, such as what modules we ended up choosing. We also talked about how employees in service section differ in the States and in Finland.

After finishing our coffee we were ready to head to our primary destination of the day. We went to see a Finnish baseball match at Kauppi. The match was between Sotkamo and Vimpeli. The reason I wanted to go to see the match with Sean was that I actually used to play Finnish baseball before, and I really like the sport. It was also nice to discuss the differences between Finnish baseball and American baseball. Sotkamo crushed Vimpeli and was the clear winner of the game.

After the game we were both hungry and decided to go grab a bite. We went to Subway, and once again I made Sean order in Finnish. And he managed it well, again. Though, I helped a bit because there was some rather hard vocabulary needed.

This was our last, and probably one of the best meetings for each one teach one. I had a great time, and it’s been a great pleasure to get to know Sean better already during the first year of our studies. Now all we have left for this course is for me to get the paper back with Sean’s corrections and suggestions, and then we are both done with our first year at TAMK.

Each one teach one was a very good experience, and it was nice to get to know a lot about culture in California and US in general, and to learn a few tricks how to make my writing better. My vocabulary also got better; I learned some slang and “fancy” words.

Looking forward to seeing Sean in the autumn – at latest!

#9 At my place

For our second last session with Sean we decided to meet at my flat. Since Sean already barbecued for me once at his home, I thought it would be nice to invite him to come over and see my place. We had coffee, and the purpose of this meeting was to go through all of our notes we did during the previous sessions. See if there’s any specific things either of us needs to pay more attention to, and just to see and wrap up everything we have learned so far. For Sean it has been more about vocabulary, and for me it has been more about the tricks and little things grammar-wise.

We were able to go through all of our notes, and had a good recapitulation. I was able to ask about some things that were a bit unclear to me, and now I believe to be able to use them in my writing. After we were done with the notes, we decided to just take it easy and watch a movie. After watching the movie, we quickly discussed about Eurovision song contest and PKN, which represented Finland, but didn’t make it to the finals. It was a nice meeting, and I at least had a good time!

Meeting #10 – Finnish Baseball

For our last meeting, the plan was to go check out a Finnish baseball game at Kauppi, between Sotkamo and Vimpeli. I found out that Santeri actually used to play the sport in the past, and it was fun talking about the differences between the American and Finnish version of the sport. Sotkamo won

During the game, Santeri and I grabbed coffee, and he had me order in Finnish. It went better than I thought, and realized that I can actually carry on a basic level of conversation (or at least order foods). We also discussed our futures at TAMK, the modules we are interested in taking, and the differences between American and Finnish service sectors. After the game, we got food at subway ( I ordered, with some help from Santeri).

It was a great experience participating in EOTS with Santeri, and I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot of stuff that will prove helpful in my future here. It was also nice getting to know Santeri outside of our classes.

Based on the paper Santeri gave me to correct and go over, I’ve realized that Santeri picked up some things as well. I hope the other cultural things we discussed helps him in his future visits to California/ U.S.

Meeting #9

For our ninth meeting, I went over to Santeri’s flat for coffee, as well as a recap of our EOTS experience. We went over notes (I was more focused on my vocabulary, whereas Santeri wanted to review proper grammar tweaks to improve his writing skills).

Fortunately, I was able to ask a few questions on phrases that I thought would be useful at my job, and was able to attain some new inside on Finns’ ideas of small talk at work. After we finished the recap and review of notes, we watched a movie, and conversed on the Eurovision contest and PKN.

Meeting #8- Welcoming another Californian to Finland

My friend from CA recently moved to Finland, and I hosted a welcome party for him the other evening.

I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce Santeri to him, to see if he could keep up with my friend’s CA slang/terms/etc. I also just thought it would be a good chance to get more insight of the area I’m from, through a different perspective.

It was a good time, and my friend had quite a variety of cultural richness, as there were a lot of people at the party from different countries (not typical in CA).


#8 Party time

Sean invited me over to his place for the second time. A good friend of his recently moved to Finland from California, and Sean was having a welcome party for him. It was such a nice opportunity for me to get to know another person from CA, and talk with him about all the cultural stuff we have been going through with Sean. It was also nice to notice that he actually used some slang words we had discussed with Sean! At least it shows that they actually use these words in CA, and Sean hasn’t been messing with me!

It was a nice evening, and it was a pleasure to get to know Sean’s friends. I wasn’t able to really teach anything to Sean he already didn’t know, but we discussed a lot about Finland’s culture. Sean’s friend was obviously very interested in our culture, and I’m sure that at least he learned something new that night!

#7 Pool at Galaxy

We were both planning on going out on Saturday (with a different group of friends), so we thought it could be a perfect time to meet downtown before going our separate ways. We went to Galaxy to play some pool, and to have a few drinks. We discussed a lot of stuff, but mainly focusing on our cultures, and I think both of us learned new interesting things.

We didn’t go into any specific grammar stuff, but just enjoyed our drinks while having fun. I hadn’t played pool in a long time so it was nice. Thumbs up to Sean for coming up with it.



Each One Teach One #9

End is coming.., and for this last “theoretical course”, I mean about the language skills, in French as in Italian, we had only the verbs and the tenses left.

As usual, I know that I’m repeating myself, but that’s important to know, Bea knew already a lot. For her home examination, she has to be clear with indicative and imperative tenses, logically with the negative, interrogative and intero-negative forms as well, and with the auxiliaries. For this course, I had prepared tables, with the different tenses for regular verbs, and a specific one for the main irregular. That’s funny, because, even if French is my mother tongue, I got some doubts, and I had to check if I was right! Finally, it was a good exercise for me too!

Then, I introduce to Bea some tools, to know “when use which tense”. For example, in French, to speak about the past, we can use the “imparfait”, to speak about “long action” which happened in the past, and the “passé simple”, to speak about “short action”.

ex: Nous étions (imparfait) au restaurant lorsqu’il commença (passé simple) à pleuvoir.

About our Italian part, Bea had prepared tables too, because I wanted to know, and know how to use, the most common verbs. She taught me, in the present and in past tenses, the verbs: to be, to have, to do, to say, to go, to see, to want, to eat, to drink, to like. Thats right, at the end of the course it was a little bit confused in my mind, because I discovered many things, but in the same time the notes were very clear, so, I should success to learn them! 😉

For ou last course, we would like to do something funny, we don’t know what exactly, not yet, but we will let you know in our last article! 😊

#7- Spontaneous Meeting

Santeri and I had a somewhat spontaneous meeting over this past weekend. I was planning on going out with some friends, and Santeri was planning on going out later that night as well.

I decided that I would head out a little early to catch up with Santeri and have a few drinks. We met up at galaxy to shoot some pool. Besides the usual chit chat, we found ourselves asking more in depth questions about our cultures, maybe even close to controversial topics.

It was easy to discuss these things, and Santeri was able to give me a good perspective on specific topics here that are generally not talked about.

The four “olla”-verbs

Hanna and I have met again today. She will get her degree soon, and with a very good grade 🙂 As for me, it’s still a very-very long time.

She came to visit me and my cats, and we drank coffee here. We were talking about summer and, since I didn’t manage to find a summer job, she had an idea for me: volunteer at the Red Cross or another non-profit organization to be a personal assistant to an elderly person. I may try it because the summer is very long, and it would be nice to do some work, even if it’s not paid. And it would also be nice to practice more Finnish 🙂

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