Let’s study passive voice

On this meeting I’ve learned how to come up with sentences in passive voice and also how to say “let’s do smth” in the same way!

We started our meeting with the usual vocabulary check. It appeared that finnish adverbs are more complicated as I thought. Similarities in some cases were very confusing for me. Then we repeated studied material by coming up with short stories in different tenses.

It took quite a while for explanation of the passive voice, considering that I found its formation rather unusual. So, I needed some time to memorise the general rule. As a practice, we came up with some sentences in passive voice (I also wrote them down as an example). Also I was translating some sentences from English. At first, it took some time for me but then it became easier with more practice.

A surprising thing for me was that it is possible to use passive voice if you want to say “let’s”. It was a very interesting meeting and I am sure that I will be able to use this knowledge in everyday life 🙂

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