Meeting #2

We set up our second meeting at my home in Hervanta. Haley and Yeaeun wanted to make laskiaispullat, which is a seasonal Finnish dessert. In Korea, most people don’t have an oven because it’s not a part of their traditional cooking and with most apartments being small, there usually isn’t space for it. Because of this, Haley and Yeaeun were excited to try making food and baking using an oven. I promised them they could use the oven whenever they came over, and we could make it a goal to make something in it every time we met up at my house.

Because of this, our talk consisted mainly of different kinds of foods we could make with the oven. While waiting for the pullat to bake, I held a small finnish lesson, where I taught simple words and sentence structure to everyone. We practiced those words and sentences during eating and afterwards too. There was also a lot of practice with making the correct sounds when pronouncing Finnish words – things like double letters and the long sound associated with them was a bit difficult for everyone, along with knowing how to use ä and ö in words.

At first, I thought it would be best to just teach as we went along, and I didn’t prepare anything much beforehand. I came up with words and vocabulary on the spot, teaching the words for making food, and how to form simple sentences. During the lesson I quickly learned this was not the best approach – it would take forever to learn anything this way, and having words on paper beforehand (and not after, like I’d planned to do) would really help to remember them better. So, while some of the words seemed to stick to people’s memory, the whole experience was more disorganized and didn’t really work. I resolved to prepare a list of words beforehand for each lesson from then on, and print them out for everyone to make notes on. This might also help out with learning Korean. We could use the same vocabulary word sheet to learn new Korean words.

In the end, the laskiaispullat turned out delicious! If you are interested in trying out the recipe, you can find an English version here:

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