Last Meetingㅠㅠㅠ

Today was the last meeting of EOTO course. We met in the bar and spent nice time chatting. We were talking about the time we spent together, which flew very fast. I am really happy that I met Yoon Soo, she became a nice friend for me. I’m really thankful for teaching me Korean, I improved my language skills so much because of her help! I know about Korean culture, traditions and lifestyle more as well, and I tried some new Korean food.

Also we discussed our future plans – Yoon Soo’s internship and my exchange in Korea. It was a bit sad meeting because we need to say “bye” to each other, but still we will meet in Tampere one more time before Soo’s departure to home country. And I’m looking forward to my exchange semester in Seoul, there are a lot of things we could do together there!


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