The last meeting — 28.04.2015

This is the last time to meet for teaching and learning. As we dated last time, we had dinner together today. I am so happy that we could have dinner together. Think about all the meetings in this term and I felt we met each other just one day before. We know each other more and more and we are good friends now. This course was operated from hard to easy. I have learnt many Finnish words and learn much more about this country.

we started at how to greet and then talked about travelling, food, traditional dress and sports. I learnt so much about Finland and I believe Pauliina also have known more about China no matter culture or language. I am so thankful to her.

I cooked fore dishes and one soup for her and she baked one blue berry pie. We also changed the presents each other. We talked about so many different things between Finland and China. Even the course was over, we will keep the great memory of our meetings.


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