8th Meeting : At the Waffle Cafe.

I forgot this meeting. Actually it was our 4th  meeting!

Essi, Mariona, Yeaeun and I met in the waffle cafe which is pretty famous between Finnish students. This day we have Korean lesson. Essi printed out Korean alphabet and basic finish words. So Yeaeun and I tought pronounce of Korean letter. Then, we translate basic Finnish words to Korean word. We spoke Korean word and then Essi and Mariona tried to write Korean alphabet like dictation.

I know Korean alphabet is hard to memorize and learn because Korean use totally different letter system with other language. But Essi and Mariona did really well. They tried to write Korean.

After this, we have snack! Waffle and tea! I ordered Rasberry jam and cream waffle. It was really perfect. Reeeeaally perfect! And we apply for event which is give free waffle ticket. Unfortunately, Anybody got free ticket but anyway it was fun.

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