Fi – Ger | Ninth Meeting

In the first week of April we went for a walk trough Kauppahalli next to Sokos in city center of Tampere. Susanna showed me special Finnish food – cheese, meat, cakes, fish, best meatballs in Finnland, dessert for Easter, typical black teas, sculptures of chocolate and honey.

I am familiar with buying bread, cheese or sausages  in bakery or butcher shop. But in Finnland it is typical to buy those things in big shopping centers or supermarket. That’s why such a Kauppahalli is something special in this country.

We tasted some special cakes. Käpykakku for me. It looks like an urchin and is filled with strawberry jam and marzipan. But it was to sweet to eat it all at one time, that’s why I took it home. Desserts in Finnland are just to sweet for me.

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