9th Meeting : Making Pallea Together! :)

Mariona and I got cooking day for making pallea which is tradition food of Spain.

Mariona told me her grandmother came from Valencia which is famous for pallea because pallea is originated form Valencia. She told me because of that her family made pallea once a week at home.

However, she told me she always looked how  to make but she didn’t tried to make pallea before. So, she said that it is first time to make pallea for her.

first, we need to grind 2 tomato and we fry rice with grounded tomato.

Then, put finished soup into fried rice into pallea pan with cooked chicken.

Finally, we just waited more than 35 mins for cooking.

IMG_1283 IMG_1288


These are the our first pallea. It has little bit uncooked part but anyway it is really delicious. And it is just our first pallea so next time when we need to cook pallea, I’m sure we can cook better than this time.

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