Winnie the Pooh

Last time Viktoria and me met to watch a movie to get practice in hearing and understanding Russian / German. We chose a children’s movie, Winnie the Pooh, as both of us know the plot and it is easier for us to understand the words. We also used subtitles while watching, so we had little help during the movie.

While watching it in Russian I realized that my reading skills are not distinct enough in order to follow the movie with reading the subtitles. Furthermore the subtitles were more like an obstacle, because I understand already quite a lot, as my parents are watching Russian TV at home. If there are subtitles in the movie, I mostly focus on them instead of the spoken language, which makes it harder for me to follow. But still I would say, that it worked out quite well and I really understood a lot.

For Victoria it might have been a little bit harder, because she is not used to hear German for example at home, and for her the subtitles should have been really helpful to follow.

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