The black building

I met Anne (my partner) and three of her Finnish friends in a pub. Than we decided to have diner in a kebab restaurant not far from the train station. We talked about the Vappu event that was going on that moment. It is big celebration on the first of May in Finland and Sweden. People have parties and lots of alcohol is consumed on that day. Everybody is on the street and there are a lot of activities. The people who already have graduated, wear these sailor white hats that they received when they finished school.

We talked about Scandinavian countries and Nordic humour. Anne introduced me to ‘Scandinavia and The World’. These are cartoons about stereotypes of all countries, but the Nordic countries are the main characters.


Everybody in Tampere must have noticed this giant black building in the city centre next to the train station. It is huge compared to the other buildings in the city. It is called Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. After our dinner we went to top of the black building and we had a great view on Tampere.


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