Since I wrote my last post, Hanna and I have met three times. The last time was the last but least Sunday. For some time, we have been talking about going to church together, since she goes to mass to the Pispala church. I wanted to join because I used to go to church when I was a child but wouldn’t be brave enough to go by myself anymore 🙂

First we had coffee at Hanna’s and did a few Spanish exercises to revise nationalities once again, and to learn a few new words. Next time, we will already start Unit 2 of the coursebook. We didn’t have much time because I’m a beginner cyclist and we wanted to go to Pispala by bicycle, so we needed to start going early enough. A friend of Hanna’s came too, and both of them can cycle much faster than I can.  still need to practice a lot to become an acceptable cyclist. I even had to push the bicycle up the hill for a short time ;(

Hanna has a lot of friends at the church, she introduced me to them, they were  very kind, and I managed to talk to them in Finnish quite fluently 🙂 The mass was very different from what I am used to. I am Catholic, like the majority of Hungarians, and Catholic masses are much more formal and serious. This mass was very beautiful, the church was full and there was a small band that sang gospel songs. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand much from the sermon parts, but hopefully next time. What I liked most was when the pastor dismissed us in the end with a “moro” 🙂

After the mass, it was possible to go to the community room and drink coffee, which was also a new experience to me. We talked to a few people, for example, about our studies. Most of the visitors of this church are young people who are still studying. We cycled home in a small group, and when we crossed Tammerkoski, we saw this beautiful view. The moon was much-much bigger than in the picture 🙂


I arrived home very late but thanks to the Finnish spring, still made it by daylight. It was a wonderful evening and I hope we will go again!

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