De Helaasheid der Dingen

The ‘Helaasheid der Dingen’ (The Misfortunates) is a Flemish movie and it is one of my favourites! We watched this movie at Satu’s apartment  and there were English subtitles for her. I realized that the subtitles were not that good, because a lot of expressions were hard to translate. But she understood everything.

The movie is based on a book that was written by Dimitri Verhulst. There are two storylines: the first story is about the childhood of the author and the second story is about the current life of the author. The author was born in a family of the lower class. His father and uncles are alcohol addicts and aggressive. The first storyline explains the relation of the author with his family members. The second story is about the authors life before he became famous. He has a pregnant wife, but he doesn’t want to be a father and he doesn’t make enough money with writing to take care of his family.

Some scenes are funny and tragic at the same time. After a while you start to feel sorry with the family’s situation.

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