6th meeting

Hello everyone!

After two meetings watching movies, we decided to go outside also because the weather was nice! We walked in the city, in main street, and I taught Antoine the main stores as the supermarket,  pharmacy, school, coffee shop etc.
Then we stopped in the main square, we sit to take a bit of sun and I finished to taught Antoine how to give directions because I think that when he will go to Italy he will need this information as Italians don’t know well how to speak English!

After our nice walk outside, we came back home and Antoine started to teach me the possessive and demonstrative pronouns and adjectives.
I think that this part of grammar is the one I remembered the less. At the beginning I did few mistakes because, actually I didn’t remember them very well, but then Antoine show me in detail every single rule and at the end I could complete all the exercises he gave me.

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