7th meeting

Hello everyone!

Antoine and me we have a common passion: the music.
We listen to it all the day. It’s like a part of us. We love music. For this reason we decided to dedicate our meeting only in the music.


Antoine started to introduce me his favorite French singer and songs. We listened two songs of Jean-Jacques Goldman, “Puisque tu pars” and “Au bout de mes rêves”, and then I tried to translate them with Antoine’s help, of course.




After that we listened “Comme d’Habitude” and “Alexandrie Alexandra” from Claude Francois. We translate them as well.
My favorite song were the ones from Jean-Jacques Goldman. I really liked the lyrics of these two songs.




Then, I started to introduce Antoine song of my favorite singer: Laura Pausini.
We listened “Come se non fosse stato mai amore” (one of my favorite), “La solitudine” and “Strani amori”. Of course while we were listening to this songs we had the lyrics in front of us to understand better and because of the pronunciation also.




During this meeting, as usual already, we had a tea time with some Italian dessert that I made. (It was so good!)


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