Each One Teach One #8

For this 8th meeting, Beatrice and I decided to work again about the language skills, to complete our program!

Dessin élève écoleAs usual for the theoretical work, we met in quiet space, and we even met each other in real classroom which was free, at Tamk! We were almost as a real teacher and a real student! 😉

Bea started to teach me! She taught me vocabulary about the colors, the family (with the different family members), and the animals. We already spoke about those subjects we did before, but we worked on them more seriously and I took some notes. As those subjects as easy and quite fast to do, we also worked on vocabulary about new’s headlines. Even if I’ll not be able to understand a Italian article, understand some headlines can be helpful, to have an idea about what’s happening in the world!

Then, it has been my turn to be the teacher! From our program, we had many small topics to study, and one more important. For this meeting, we worked on the part with many small topics. More specifically, I prepared a course with the personal pronouns, the prepositions, the adverbs, and finally the comparisons and the superlatives. It could look awesome, but most of this points are more “things to know” than “things to understand”, and Bea already knew most of them.


I’m asking myself if I really learn things to Bea, because she is better than she thinks!

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