Each One Teach One #9

End is coming.., and for this last “theoretical course”, I mean about the language skills, in French as in Italian, we had only the verbs and the tenses left.

As usual, I know that I’m repeating myself, but that’s important to know, Bea knew already a lot. For her home examination, she has to be clear with indicative and imperative tenses, logically with the negative, interrogative and intero-negative forms as well, and with the auxiliaries. For this course, I had prepared tables, with the different tenses for regular verbs, and a specific one for the main irregular. That’s funny, because, even if French is my mother tongue, I got some doubts, and I had to check if I was right! Finally, it was a good exercise for me too!

Then, I introduce to Bea some tools, to know “when use which tense”. For example, in French, to speak about the past, we can use the “imparfait”, to speak about “long action” which happened in the past, and the “passé simple”, to speak about “short action”.

ex: Nous étions (imparfait) au restaurant lorsqu’il commença (passé simple) à pleuvoir.

About our Italian part, Bea had prepared tables too, because I wanted to know, and know how to use, the most common verbs. She taught me, in the present and in past tenses, the verbs: to be, to have, to do, to say, to go, to see, to want, to eat, to drink, to like. Thats right, at the end of the course it was a little bit confused in my mind, because I discovered many things, but in the same time the notes were very clear, so, I should success to learn them! 😉

For ou last course, we would like to do something funny, we don’t know what exactly, not yet, but we will let you know in our last article! 😊

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