#10 Final meeting and Finnish baseball

It was time for our last meeting with Sean. We decided to put Sean’s Finnish skills to use, and go to a couple different places where he could practice his Finnish in real life situations. While spending the day together Sean taught me more about Californian culture and their way of life. I also sent him one more paper I wrote for school, and he will email it back to me with corrections and suggestions for more advanced use of language, but due to Sean’s schedules I couldn’t get it back just yet.

First, we decided to go for a cup of coffee, and I made Sean to order completely in Finnish. He managed to do it very well. Clearly he has learned something! While enjoying our coffees we talked about some school stuff, such as what modules we ended up choosing. We also talked about how employees in service section differ in the States and in Finland.

After finishing our coffee we were ready to head to our primary destination of the day. We went to see a Finnish baseball match at Kauppi. The match was between Sotkamo and Vimpeli. The reason I wanted to go to see the match with Sean was that I actually used to play Finnish baseball before, and I really like the sport. It was also nice to discuss the differences between Finnish baseball and American baseball. Sotkamo crushed Vimpeli and was the clear winner of the game.

After the game we were both hungry and decided to go grab a bite. We went to Subway, and once again I made Sean order in Finnish. And he managed it well, again. Though, I helped a bit because there was some rather hard vocabulary needed.

This was our last, and probably one of the best meetings for each one teach one. I had a great time, and it’s been a great pleasure to get to know Sean better already during the first year of our studies. Now all we have left for this course is for me to get the paper back with Sean’s corrections and suggestions, and then we are both done with our first year at TAMK.

Each one teach one was a very good experience, and it was nice to get to know a lot about culture in California and US in general, and to learn a few tricks how to make my writing better. My vocabulary also got better; I learned some slang and “fancy” words.

Looking forward to seeing Sean in the autumn – at latest!

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