#9 At my place

For our second last session with Sean we decided to meet at my flat. Since Sean already barbecued for me once at his home, I thought it would be nice to invite him to come over and see my place. We had coffee, and the purpose of this meeting was to go through all of our notes we did during the previous sessions. See if there’s any specific things either of us needs to pay more attention to, and just to see and wrap up everything we have learned so far. For Sean it has been more about vocabulary, and for me it has been more about the tricks and little things grammar-wise.

We were able to go through all of our notes, and had a good recapitulation. I was able to ask about some things that were a bit unclear to me, and now I believe to be able to use them in my writing. After we were done with the notes, we decided to just take it easy and watch a movie. After watching the movie, we quickly discussed about Eurovision song contest and PKN, which represented Finland, but didn’t make it to the finals. It was a nice meeting, and I at least had a good time!

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