Meeting #10 – Finnish Baseball

For our last meeting, the plan was to go check out a Finnish baseball game at Kauppi, between Sotkamo and Vimpeli. I found out that Santeri actually used to play the sport in the past, and it was fun talking about the differences between the American and Finnish version of the sport. Sotkamo won

During the game, Santeri and I grabbed coffee, and he had me order in Finnish. It went better than I thought, and realized that I can actually carry on a basic level of conversation (or at least order foods). We also discussed our futures at TAMK, the modules we are interested in taking, and the differences between American and Finnish service sectors. After the game, we got food at subway ( I ordered, with some help from Santeri).

It was a great experience participating in EOTS with Santeri, and I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot of stuff that will prove helpful in my future here. It was also nice getting to know Santeri outside of our classes.

Based on the paper Santeri gave me to correct and go over, I’ve realized that Santeri picked up some things as well. I hope the other cultural things we discussed helps him in his future visits to California/ U.S.

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