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Pub Quiz

8th of April.FullSizeRender

We attend a Pub Quiz in O’Connels and it was really fun. I never attend one before so it was a new experience. Some questions were really difficult because they often took content from the 80s. But we were not that bad and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. It’s funny how the atmosphere starts to change when every group has his paper and the quiz starts.

Austrian Food Session

30th of March.

This time it was Jasmin’s and my turn to cook. We cooked something typical Austrian: Faschierter Braten. The Easter topic came again up and we also talked about my home trip because I left on the next Wednesday to home – for Easter.

The only bad thing about this evening was that Aaro told us that we will probably miss summer. First we didn’t believe him that much but now we know that it was the truth – sadly. After this recognition we talked about summer in Finland & Austria in general.

Finnish Cooking Session

13th of March.

Aaro and Veera were cooking for us: Reindeer. It was really delicious and also a nice atmosphere. We asked about the Finish table manners and why Finish people are always drinking milk to their meal.

After dinner we started to discuss about Easter Religion and the differences between it in Finland and Austria. It was really funny that the Easter rabbit is not that common in Finland.

Post it

3rd of March.

We met in Cafe EuropeIMG_9353an and Veera took a lot of post its with her. She wrote every Finnish word down which she wanted to know in German – so we used this session to translate them.

Some vocabularies were really difficult to translate but we managed it with paraphrasing and Google Translator.

Small Talk

19th of February.

In the first week when we came here, we had this introduction week at TAMK. There we had one lecture called culture shock and they gave us an insight of the mentality of Finish people. One big thing was that Finish people hate small talk, they prefer the direct way of saying things if they start to talk. ;p

So for one session we decided to went to Galaxie and practice small talk during playing pool. We also practiced the colors in German based on the pool balls.

Aaro also talked about the finish tradition at the country side so we could get an insight of it.

Easter Finland / Germany

We went for a walk in the nice spring time and talked about easter. Jasper went home to his family, I went to visit my boyfriend in lisbon.

Jasper told me that his family ate lamb for easter. I´m not sure if this is also a tradition in germany, because I´m vegetarian and don´t pay much attention to this kind of tradition, but for me it sounds a bit religious to eat lamb on this day. At home we are still looking for colorful eggs in the garden, also the adults. Jasper told me that this is only for children in his family.

One thing I really don´t like is the typical brown finnish desert for easter – Mämmi. I tried it at the city tour and it tasted like the dark bread from germany but in some kind of fluid version. Jasper told me that they eat it with cream and jam. But I would still prefer dark bread with butter and jam 🙂

Talking about daily things

15th of February.

I think we didn’t even know how many daily phrases we use in German. Veera and me were discussing about daily things like cooking and shopping. We also talked about how you can start a conversation after work or how a conversation could be like for asking about a dinner.

Specific vocabulary

10th of February.

This time it was really hard to teach the German Vocabulary because we went more into a specific topic – construction engineering. Jasmin and me don’t know so many things about this topic but at least we could help a little bit.

Then we started to discuss about signing a contract and if there are any differences. So we also learned some Vocabulary in this sector.

Somehow we changed the topic to vocabulary you use in real work situations. In Austria it´s really important to know the difference between Sie (formal) and Du (informal). The formal one is necessary for speaking with people in higher positions, they can offer you the “Du” and than you should use it. Than we continued with phrases which they could need when they do their internships and vocabulary you could need when you want to write your application in German.

Morjesta! Moi! Hei!

Our first meeting was about getting to know each other. Veera and Aaro were already pretty good in introducing themselves in German. Jasmin and me didn’t know anything in Finish, so they started to teach us how to introduce ourselves.

We also talked about what we have to know when we want to pay with card because there are some differences between paying with card in Finland than in Austria. One is for example, that we have to wait until a sound that we are allowed to put the card in, but here the machine doesn’t make any sound. You are also allowed to put your card in during the cashier is still scanning things.


hi, everybody! Today we had the last meeting innnn Saint-Petersburg!!! Yes, you are right, we are in Russia! Joonas managed to go to Saint-P for a couple of days and me too! So, we had a very good walk in the city center and then we cried a bit, cause Carls J was closed in whole city. Joonas was capable to read he names of streets and subway station, so I was verrry proud of him! He even bought a  pack of juice using his Russian skills! Oh, guys, that was awesome. I can write about this all day, but have to go. We wanted to go to the Zoo today. Wish us luck.

P.S. Joonas likes Michael Jackson, so we are listening to  only those songs