10th meeting. The last.


We are at the end.
For our last meeting we went to Turku. It was a long time I wanted to visit this city and finally I had the opportunity to go there and with a great company. Antoine and me, we went there with two friends of us and, also because of the weather, we spent a really nice day.

We went to Turku by Antoine’s car and we had the idea to put the GPS in French. I had to listen to it in French and tell him the directions in order to verify if I understood well or not.
On our way back we put the GPS in Italian and Antoine followed the directions without any help of me. Schermata 2015-06-03 alle 21.32.56


After walking a bit through the city center we went to an Italian restaurant. Not because I’m from Italy but, honestly, for me Italian food is the best 🙂

The name of the restaurant was “Trattoria Romana” and it was really nice because they decorated the restaurant as a really Italian one.
Talk about fate… the waitress had Italian origin so she could speak Italian. I asked her to talk to Antoine in Italian because he was learning it and so she did it.
For Antoine was the first time he spoke with someone else (except me) in Italian and I have to admit that he was really good!

The experience of each one teach one was useful and funny! We spent many days together and we enjoyed them! I’m a bit sad because it’s already over but I’m happy that we have the opportunity to had part of this because we knew better each other and we are real friends.
I’m sure I will see him in Milano and Paris! 🙂

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