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Meeting 2#: Watching football…again!

2 weeks since our last meeting – but in contrast to last time we will this time go and watch football… wait a moment. That´s the same we did the last time? Doesn´t matter – football is great and in order to give the meeting another setting we went to SoHo-Bar today to watch the game of Borussia Mönchengladbach (yes, Oscar had to learn how to pronounce it) against Manchester City.

Today we talked for instance a lot about our most favorite football clubs. Because since we all come from different corners of Germany, we all like different ones. We tried to explain why fan culture in Germany is very important and which clubs and fans don´t like each other and why. So this was also a very good way for Oscar to get common with the names of big cities in Germany, like Munich, Cologne or Freiburg.

I also talked with Oscar about cities in Mexico and that there are a lot of clichés how we as European imagine them to be. For example we always see this image of almost destroyed city sides where drug wars are taking place, surrounded by never-ending wastelands. In fact that is the truth…but just in a very few corners in Mexico. That Mexico also has a great culture, nice beaches and wonderful landscapes is often neglected by the media around the world.

Netherless it was a cool evening with interesting talks, although Mönchengladbach lost the game and Freddy was really sad 😀

DSC_0082 DSC_0083

the first meeting

Because of the limits of authority in blog, I write the first meeting now.
We met with my partner Merituuli Lehimaa in my apartment in September 14, 2015 .I invited her to try Chinese food and she taught me simple pronounce in Finnish and I taught her some pinyin in Chinese.
I cooked tomato fry pork and fry lettuce for my partner, maybe I put many hot pepper in the dishes, the dishes is not very good.
After lunch, she taught me the consonant and vowel in Finnsh. a, e, i, o, u, y, ä, ö. d, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, v. then she taught me some easy greeting. Hei!/Moi!/Terve!/Moro! Hello!
Huomenta. / Hyvää huomenta. Good morning.
Päivää. / Hyvää päivää. Good day.
Iltaa. / Hyvää iltaa. Good evening.
Hyvää yötä. Good night.
Kauniita unia!Nukuhyvin
Näkemiin. Goodbye.
Hei hei. Bye bye.
Nähdään. See you.
Mitä kuuluu? How are you?
Kiitos hyvää. Fine, thanks.
Ole hyvä.Olkaa hyva Here you are.
Kiitos. Thank you.

Anteeksi. Sorry.
I am really happy to have a such beautiful partner ,she is also a good teacher.20150915_115104


Me, Trung and Anni met for the second time last weekend. This time the focus was on the Finnish part of our group.

We met in the town centre and went for a beer at a cozy little place called Cafe Europa. Anni suggested where we should go and what beer we should buy and soon we whipped out our notebooks to learn some Finnish.


The first thing we learned was appropriate to the occasion. It was kippis – cheers! We also learned some practical phrases, a bit more about the Finnish pronounciation and some tongue twisters. A Slovenian tongue twister I taught them was the word “čmrljščina”, which is really hard to pronounce for non-Slovenian speakers, but is really easy for us. It means bumble bee language. We also talked about how to spot a Finn from their pronounciation – a lot of them pronounce the letter y differently (because it is pronounced differently in English and Finnish), so for example the word system sounds like sustem. The Finnish we learned was:

  • hello, good morning, good evening etc.,
  • how are you?,
  • numbers,
  • days,
  • months.

Afterwards we had some fun and Anni showed us where to buy make-up (because I could not find a shop with cheap make-up myself). We bedazzled ourselves and our victim Trung with some glitter and jewellery.

All in all, it was a fun night and we gladly set up a date for the next meeting.

Hallo! Wie heißt du?

Today we had our third meeting. We met in Wayne’s Coffee for a hot chocolate and learning German. Christine and me were the teachers.

We started with introducing themselves and ask other persons of their name.

  • Wie heißt du? / Wie heißen Sie? (polite form)  -> What’s your name?
  • Ich bin …. / Ich heiße …./ Mein Name ist …. -> I am …/ My name is…

Than we went on with the asking how someone’s feeling and how to answer these question.

  • Wie geht’s? / Wie geht es dir? -> How are you?
  • Mir geht es gut. -> I’m fine.
  • Mir geht es schlecht. -> I’m not feeling well.

Then we learned asking where you come from.

  • Woher kommst du? / Woher kommen Sie? (polite) -> Where do you come from?
  • Ich komme aus Deutschland / Finnland / Frankreich. -> I come from Germany / Finland / France.

Our next topic were the numbers from 1 to 30.



After practising the numbers we learned them to say how old they are.

  • Wie alt bist du? / Wie alt sind Sie? (polite) -> How old are you?
  • Ich bin sechsundzwanzig (Jahre alt). -> I am 26 (years old)

Who wants to learn more German, here are two good blogs to learn at home:


The group learned very fast. Next time we will learn finnish.



3rd meeting and first German lesson

Today at 6pm we had our third lesson. Sabrina, Sora, Lotta, Jaana, Alexandre and me met at Wayne’s Coffee near Keskustori.

Today Sabrina and I taught the others a bit of German.

We started with

  • introducing ourselves
  • the numbers from 1 to 30
  • how are you?
  • where are you from?
  • how old are you?
  • how to conjugate ‘können’ which means can and ‘heißen’ which is difficult to translate it has to be seen in a context like “I am called”

As two already knew a bit of German it was only a repetition for them but I hope we helped them to remember some things they might have forgotten 🙂

I have learnt that I am really bad at spelling words and for the next lesson I am going to improve my spelling skills. I have also learnt that the ending -si in Finnish is an indicator for the future which is a good thing to know because the next lesson will be Finnish.

We are scheduling our meetings over doodle now which is a very good opportunity to find out which date fits for everyone.

I really like our meetings because we get along so well. We want to have a German Dinner soon and I am really looking forward to it.

Two entries in one post: Finnish&Japanese

So as I forgot to write about the previous Finnish meeting (again), I’ll combine two meetings in this post.

Last week we had the second Finnish class and as new people joined, we went through the basics again: greetings, self-introduction, pronouns and some basic vocabulary like suklaa, koira, talo etc. We started to tackle new place names and verbs too + allative and elative case. So, we learnt how to say I go somewhere and I come from somewhere. At first I told everyone that the case suffixes would be REALLY difficult but as I taught I actually saw patterns and explaining them got easier. At the end of the class we didn’t make plans for a Finnish class, but agreed to have one of the members teach us Japanese next week.

So, today we had Japanese class! I’ve studied Japanese in Japan so I have the basics covered. It was interesting and fun to act as a TA, teaching assistant. I helped our members with writing. Out of the studied languages (minus English) I enjoy speaking Japanese the most because after English that’s where I’m most fluent in. After having studied Korean for so long and still not being able to speak well, it feels good to have another foreign language down with which I don’t struggle so much.

At the end of the class we talked about throwing a food party in Lukonmäki next week, but because not everyone can make it, we decided to postpone it to the future. Hopefully we can have a food gathering soon! 🙂

german salami vs hungarian salami

The third meeting in the market (in Keskustri square)

First of all, when we went to the market, we saw chariot with 4 hourses and on the side was a picures and the write out about the octoberfest. Then we started speak about it. The girls explaned for us a lots of things. In their oppinion it is a really good event and we should visit it somethime, maybe the next October. I learned so many sentences in german:

I would like to 1 liter beer. Ich möchte gerne 1 mass haben.

How much is it? Wie viel kostet es?

Can I pay with credit card? Kann ich mit Karte bezahlen?

No, only with cash. Nein, nur bar.


After in the market we found a stand, where were 2 german sales and a lots of german salamis. We could try almost all of them, and we took some pictures there.

12063999_1074400375905481_1651652811_n 12071575_1074400389238813_783784671_n 12077262_1074400435905475_577124627_n

Later we found an other stand, where we bought (all of us) a special body salt (ObeyYourBody).


Second meeting in the McDonald’s

The second meeting in the McDonald’s at 16 of September

Our main topic was the foods. ( I already know it in german: Wir haben über Essen bestellen gesprochen).


We spoke for example the differences and similarities between the McDonald’s from other coutries. For example in Germany there are a lot of vegiburger, and some other vegetarian staff unlike other countries (f.e.: Hungary). And here, in Tampere there are zero coke, it is not a speciality, but zero fanta and zero sprite also. And in Hungary there is not any mini mcflurry, only the big one,  therefore we have eaten some mini ice cream there.


First meeting

Hello everybody!

My group members: Hannah Bednorz, Eszter Vonyik, Christina Höhnen and me

We teach each other hungarian and german. I guess it will be really useful for us.

Well, the first meeting was at 13 of September (on Sunday). We met with each other in our appartman (I mean, Eszter, Hannah and I live here), so Christina came here.

First of all we made some tea, and after we tried to introduce ourself in the other language (hungarian and german). Eszter and me tried to explane for the grils, how can they say in hungarian Hello, Goodbye, Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and so on. And after we spoke about the basic introduce things, for example:

In english:                                          In hungarian:                                 In german:

My name is Erika Szegő.              A nevem Erika Szegő.                 Mein Name ist Erika Szegő.

I am 23 years old.                            23 éves vagyok.                           Ich bin 23 Yahre alt.

I live in Budapest.                           Budapesten élek.                        Ich lebe in Budapest.
And after that we teached for they the number from 1 till 10 in hungarian. So well, this was the first our each one teach one meeting. The next time will be on Wednesday in the McDonalds.

3. Vapriikki

We went together to the Vapriikki –museum in company of his kids.

First we went to the post museum. There were several stamps from all over the world and also how the delivering system changed. I was surprised that even in Finland the family “Turn und Taxis” was the biggest delivering company in the past as it was Germany.

Then we were searching for buildings we can recognize on the 3D- city map in another exhibition. We went on with the ice hockey museum where I learned something about special helmets and that my tutor is a fan of the designer for those helmets… he even has a signed autograph of him at home. Then the kids showed me how good they are in ice-hockey in a little arena, where it was allowed to play.

The toys museum was pretty the same as it would be in Germany, because kids are playing with the same toys, but the invention museum is more the Finnish style. Nokia and the harvester machine for trees is something you wouldn’t find that easily in German museums. The little daughter of my tutor managed to flip over the harvester machine in the simulator. I guess that was the main goal. : P

In the gemstone exhibition the biggest task was to prevent the kids from touching the gems. You can imagine it was hard, because they are looking so pretty.

At the animal/ nature exhibition I learned a little bit more Finnish, because the explanations were only in Finnish. But I must confess, it was already late and I don’t remember that much of it.

All in all I learned more about Finnish culture and Tampere and everyone who wasn’t at the museum yet, it is worth to go there, especially if you like old factory buildings.