Christine is a singer…

We are a very  international group with four Russians, two Germans, one French guy and three Fins. We have had our first group meeting on Thursday and it was really great. We met at Aussie Bar for a drink.

After we have introduced ourselves we started a game. In this game each one should say his name and a fitting word and the task was to remember the ones name and the word he or she has chosen. Mine was “Christine is a singer”.

Everyone of us told the other ones a bit about their culture and taught a bit of their language. But unfortunately I didn’t get everything because the music in Aussie bar was so loud and because we have four languages of course. Because of the noise we changed to another bar which was more quiet.

Our first meeting was rather about getting to know each other. Our next meeting will be on Sunday and we decided that it would be best to teach one language per week and start that with an introduction session.

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