Coffee and Mexican Independence day party!


We have big group, which includes people from Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Korea and Mexico. There are 4 girls from Finland, and I’m one of them.

We met first time at Friday 11.9. We were in Coffee House, and mostly we were just getting to know each others. Then we discussed about what are we going to do in these meetings, and mainly we decided that we will be learning/teaching Spanish, Finnish and German. Our Mexican member Paola, was inviting us all to the Mexican Independence day party, which was very nice!

The Mexican party was yesterday, and Paola and her friends had made so delicious Mexican food, yum… We were in Lukonmäki, where some of these students are living. There was this little and cosy “grill shelter”, but there wasn’t property roof (and it was raining) so everyone put their umbrellas on the “roof”, so the rain didn’t come through it.

I liked the warm and friendly feeling in the party, even there was so many people from different countries and I didn’t know anybody else but our group. Paola and Sofia (Mexican girls) told us some traditions from Mexican independence day (like yelling “Viva Mexico!” and drinking tequila). They showed us a game, same kind like bingo (but funnier) which they play in Mexico. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures, but I hope Paola will put few picture here when she writes something.. 🙂

Next Tuesday we have Finnish evening, and I’m looking forward to it!



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