Teaching Finnish & Learning Korean

My group which consists of three Chinese members, two Korean members and me, a Finnish member.

Actually we already met last week on Friday at TAMK, but I forgot to write a post so I’m now posting about two of our meetings at once. On Friday we started with the basics of Finnish, like greetings, colors, and some easy verbs and nouns. However I feel like it was sooooo much material, the studied things kept adding up during the meeting and in the end even I was tired. Still, I felt proud when my students could say “Hi, my name is –. I’m from –. My hometown is –. My bag is (color). Nice to meet you” in Finnish. I have to plan the next meeting carefully so I don’t get sidetracked and teach too much at once!

Today we met at 12 in the afternoon at TAMK and had a Korean class instead. We divided the group in two. Me and Jimin were a pair and Tengfei, Wenquan and Jiyoon were a group. The guys have never studied Korean before but I’m not a beginner in Korean anymore so that’s why we had to divide.

Today I learnt so much really useful stuff, for example prepositions, new verbs and grammar (for example: I must, I have to –). Now I just have to use them regularly to properly memorize them.

Next week it’s time to learn Finnish again. I’d like to change our learning environment soon, and go to a cafe for example. Maybe after we’ve learnt how to ask for a cup of tea…

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