La primera reunión y la noche mexicana

Our Spanish group consisting of ten people from five different countries – Finland, México, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia – kickstarted our first official meeting at Coffee House near Keskustori last Friday. We introduced ourselves, discussed about our EOTO plans and got to know a little bit more about each other’s countries. We have three languages as main learning goals: Spanish, Finnish and German.

Therefore, as part of our Spanish learning process, Paola and Sofia invited us to celebrate México’s Independence Day together on the follwing Tuesday (15.9.2015).

La Noche Mexicana

Despite the rainy weather, our group gathered with 20-30 others  (perhaps even more?) at one of Lukonmäki’s grilling place to enjoy delicious Mexican dishes, listen to Spanish songs and get to know new people. I have also learnt some clapping games, e.g. Choco Latte (which our Korean member, Sohee, is really good at) and a game that has to do with sailors and sea (which I would like to learn the words from Paola or Sofia). In addition to that, now I can also do “Piedra, papel o tijera!” with my Spanish-speaking friends in the future.

Besides that, I was told that during their Independence Day, Mexicans dance-sing-drink-party and shout “¡Viva México Cabrones!” as part of the celebration. And cabrones, I have learnt, is a term/slang that could be used in either a positive or negative way.

All in all, it was great party, as we get to see and meet people from different nationalities coming together to celebrate an important day for our Mexican friends. ¡Muchas gracias, Paola y Sofia!

Blog post and illustration by: Chrystal Giam, 13Media

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