La noche Mexicana

September 15th is the celebration for the Mexican Independence which took place in 1810. Since then, most mexicans organize a “Mexican night” in this party, traditional dishes and drinks are served with decorations and fun games.

At midnight we ring a big bell and scream a loudly “Viva México” together, for remembering the beginning of the Independence war.

Although we are so far away from home, we did our best to share this tradition with our new friends. On Tuesday 15th we met and prepared several dishes for our guests, explaining its ingredients and giving them a taste!

It feels good to share something about your home with other people, and see how different it can be from theirs, although it also makes you miss yours a little bit.

We also taught some hand mexican games and it was very exiting to see foreigners learning and playing them, it made the evening even more enjoyable!

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