Mexican Independence day!


Our EoTo group is very big and full of cheerful people from all around the world. The group has members from Finland, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany.

The first meeting was on Friday 11. Sept in an Coffee House. It was just some intruductions and getting to know each other better. It was decided that we Learn & Teach some spanish and mexican culture, finnish and german. And the next two meetings were planned. For the next meeting Paula invited us to Lukonmäki to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day and for he second meeting Jenna invited us to an finnish evening at her home.

The mexican independence day was on Tuesday and i was really exited. I am going abroad next year for an exchange semester in Mexico, so i was really thrilled when i had the chance to learn about mexican culture and to speak some spanish. The night was wonderful with many different things to eat and to get to know some of the mexican culture. I was very nice to meet so many different people and learn some games and traditions. I am very glad that i joint EoTo. Thank you guys!

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