Learning Finnish &Teaching Korean!


In my group, there were three Chinese members, two Korean members including me and one Finnish members at first and second meetings. After 2nd meeting two new members (one girl is from Vietnam and the other guy is from China) joined. Actually we already met two times, but I forgot to write a post, so I’m posting about our two meetings.

On Friday 11. sep, we had a first meeting at cafeteria in TAMK and learned basics of Finnish from Maria. It was the first time that I learn finnish. So, Maria taught us greetings (Moi, Moikka, Terve, Moro), introduction expressions (“Minä olen…”,  Minun nimi on…”, “Olen ~sta/lta”, Olen ~vuotias”) , basic grammar (Minä olen, Sinä olet, Se on, Me ollaan, Te ootte, Ne on, mun, sun, median, sen, teidan etc) and some words (suklaa, ruoka, nauta, maito, jäätelö). For this class I could introduce myself in Suomi now. → ” Moi ! Hauska tavata. Minä olen Jimin. Olen Koreasta. Mun kotikaupunki on Seoul. Olen kaksikymmentäyksi vuotias. Mun laukku on oranssi. Nähdään! ” At this meetings, I learned a lottt!! It was so interesting time because for me the pronunciation of suomi is funny! I think I will really enjoy learning Finnish.

On Wed 16, sep. we had a second meeting at school again. This day, it’s time to teach Korean to our members. Two Chinese members are beginner in studying Korean but  Maria has already studied Korean and can speak Korean. So Jiyoon and I decided to teach Korean separately. Jiyoon taught “Hangul” which is the letter of Korea (consonants and vowels) and grettings to Chinese members. And I taught some expressions based on things that Maria learned in Korean class. What I taught expressions are following as : comparative, prepositions, new verbs and grammar (eg: I must, I have to ~).  Maria was quite good at learning Korean 😀

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These are things that I learned finnish from 1st meeting!



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