Second meeting

It was very difficult for us to find a date where everybody of us will have time.  So around two weeks went by after the last meeting. We met each other in a Japanese restaurant at lunch time. It was really delicious! A great choice from Antti who suggested the restaurant.12084100_10207542431987050_1967025692_n

This time we asked Antti what he still can remember from his German lessons. Well I can imagine that is difficult to say this. So Chen and I just started to talk in German (in an easy way). In most of the cases he could understand the main sense and some question he even could reply in German. And if not we just helped him out with English or he just replied in English. We found out quickly that it’s a bit easier for him to understand me than Chen because she is coming from Austria. Of course she is speaking German as well but you still can hear an Austrian accent in her German.

In return we could ask Antti know some questions we had about Finish after the first lectures in Basics of Finish. We discussed about the ending –ssa and –lla: For example for Tampere you are using –lla (Tampereella) and for Helsinki –ssa (Helsinkissa).

And Antti told us that his family has a summer cottage next to a lake as most families do have one in Finland. And that you are celebrating there for example the Mid-summer called Juhannus. So you are meeting up with friends or family for drinks and barbecue. In addition to that we learned to say:

It was a good evening = Se oli hyvä itta


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