#2 German-Finnish: Juicy meeting and comedy

Like this you can enjoy an each one teach one meeting!

On Thursday I had my “2nd meeting each one teach one day”. First I met Sonja at her Music Academy campus in the afternoon. She showed me around to the concert hall and the teaching rooms – it was interesting to see another campus of TAMK. Then we went in a coffee shop, which turns out to be a juice bar with fresh salads and smoothies. So we had a freshly-pressed orange juice and did some revision on the german-finnish vocabulary. Sonja tried to find out the meaning for kuuluu in “Mitä kuuluu?” (Wie geht’s? in German) but how often in Finnish it is hard to explain the origin of the words and combinations. So maybe it comes from “kuula” – hören/ to hear, because:

Sonja and me with yummy juice and vocabulary sheets

Minä kuulen sinua. – Ich höre dich – I hear you. 

And to be extra sure she taught me another way to say how are you:

Miten menee? – Tosi hyvä, kiitos!
Hullu! – verrückt (crazy)

With Paula I went to the free English Comedy Show in the O’Connels Bar. Before we did some vocabulary exchange and spoke German together. I learned:

Riittää! – Es reicht! 
hyt, heti, myöhemmin – jetzt, sofort, später

Heimat – German Oktoberfest in Tampere. Promo in O Connels Bar.

Then we enjoyed the show which was really fun. Recommendable! Every Wednesday there is an English-Finnish Quiz where we want to go together with Kristian from Poland and Sonja next time   🙂

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