2nd meeting at “Maruseki”

So we had our second meeting at the Japanese restaurant “Maruseki”. While enjoying our lunch (which was quite delicious) we tried to keep our conversation going in german … yes, all of us, which means also Antti had to show off his verbal skills! It surprised me, that Antti preferred German-German to (my) Austrian-German. I have never noticed it myself, but apparently there are quite some differences when it comes to the language melody. My Austrian-German seems to be quite monotonous and it’ s harder for Antti to understand what I’m saying. Moreover, we discussed the two distinct forms of modern Finnish. The standard Finnish which is used in printed form and then the spoken Finnish, which is used in daily conversations. Since Antti explained that only elderly people and nerds used the standard Finnish during conversations, I’d better take a closer look at spoken Finnish! 😉

IMG_2939 IMG_2942 IMG_2944IMG_2941

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