2. Numbers, €, clock and w- questions

Because we were at my place last time, he showed me this time his house. It is a cute serial house a little bit outside of Tampere.

In this meeting I taught my partner something about the numbers… everything from 0-1 Million. I got a German learning book from my flatmate, so I was able to show him how the numbers are written without having to write them down myself, which makes everything a lot faster. I can recommend to everyone to search for prepared learning material if you have the goal to learn a little bit more per session.

After training the numbers a little bit, we continued with related topics: euros and clock time. It’s not really hard to learn that, because there is no big difference between German, English and Finnish, just the words are a little bit different. Of course we drew a little clock and marked the interesting times on it, so you can easily remember which words belongs to which time and of course since then I asked him every five minutes after the time. 😉

The W- questions were more difficult to find and also to make a good example, but eventually we managed that.

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