Two entries in one post: Finnish&Japanese

So as I forgot to write about the previous Finnish meeting (again), I’ll combine two meetings in this post.

Last week we had the second Finnish class and as new people joined, we went through the basics again: greetings, self-introduction, pronouns and some basic vocabulary like suklaa, koira, talo etc. We started to tackle new place names and verbs too + allative and elative case. So, we learnt how to say I go somewhere and I come from somewhere. At first I told everyone that the case suffixes would be REALLY difficult but as I taught I actually saw patterns and explaining them got easier. At the end of the class we didn’t make plans for a Finnish class, but agreed to have one of the members teach us Japanese next week.

So, today we had Japanese class! I’ve studied Japanese in Japan so I have the basics covered. It was interesting and fun to act as a TA, teaching assistant. I helped our members with writing. Out of the studied languages (minus English) I enjoy speaking Japanese the most because after English that’s where I’m most fluent in. After having studied Korean for so long and still not being able to speak well, it feels good to have another foreign language down with which I don’t struggle so much.

At the end of the class we talked about throwing a food party in Lukonmäki next week, but because not everyone can make it, we decided to postpone it to the future. Hopefully we can have a food gathering soon! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Two entries in one post: Finnish&Japanese

  1. Sounds like confusing fun. Could you tell a bit more in detailed what made being a TA so much fun? – Taru

  2. Thanks for the comment. Being TA was fun for me because even though I was teaching too, I didn’t have to prepare the main contents. So I was teaching what someone else had prepared. I enjoy seeing people learn but teaching is sometimes difficult. As a TA you don’t have to stress so much, just guide the students like the teacher says. The mood in the class was fun in general!

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